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Citoyen(ne) habitant la commune de 1180 Uccle

To whom it may concern,

As a tax paying resident residing a mere 200m from the intersection of Waterloo and De Fre, I see the repercussions of this unilateral decision on a daily basis.  I am a staunch environmentalist and also the parent of a four-year old boy who uses the park often, I can completely understand the desire to keep it free of vehicles. We benefit from this greatly, yet at the same time, the traffic issue was not clearly thought out by the City of Brussels.

The short sighted decision by the Brussels government, seemingly, did not take into account factors such as a lack of proper public transportation to residents on the Uccle side of the park, poorly maintained or non-existent bicycle paths and a distinct lack of police presence guaranteeing the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.
A personal example:  My son attends Le petite ecole near Wolvendael Park. During morning rush hour traffic on a bicycle it requires a 45 minute bike ride to drop him off and then make my way to work near the Wiener bus/tram stop. Wet leaves on the ground, consistently through the month of October and November are a safety issue for bicycle riders as neither the communes of Uccle, Ixelles (along Roosevelt) nor the City of Brussels in the park itself, do a very good job of keeping cycle paths free of debris.
During rainy weather it is too difficult for the bicycle and this commute becomes 90 minutes by car because of the park closure. This journey is nearly impossible by public transportation and requires more than two hours in the morning. Given the extensive tax base in Belgium, the public transportation is woefully inadequate and lags well behind much of the rest of Europe.

The rush hour line of traffic in the afternoon, yet to see actual normal volumes, can stretch, on Chaussee Waterloo, all the way from before Bascule to well beyond European School 1 on Waterloo and the R22 between Waterloo and Roosevelt.  This is obviously affecting air quality and the string of retail locations along this stretch of road.
It would seem a compromise is required.  I propose the park and all of it's entrances and exits be open during rush hours on Monday through Friday. This would require police to open traffic lanes from 07:00-09:30 and from 15:00-18:00.

S. M.

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